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You know that inspiring, uniquely you day that you live? Now imagine it as a new form of content. One that people can use to create their own days. That's Mor. Come share the ways you spend time and inspire your audience to take action like never before. Contact us to schedule your demo today.


We're creating a world where everyone's calendars are connected. To maximize fulfillment and fun in free time.Contact us to schedule your demo today.


What is Mor?

Welcome to the best days of your life! You are steps away from being able to create and discover a calendar of experiences that can represent a life, business, organization, or anything else you can imagine.

We’re committed to creating the tools for you to live every day to the fullest with the people you care about, or maybe just someone you meet along the way.

Share to your calendar to present all the moments of the day. Keep them private for you, your followers, or share publicly. This is a powerful way to interact and engage with others and the world around you!

Here are some examples:

Intrigued? Puzzled? Energized? It will all come together, step-by-step, over the course of this FAQ.


What is the Mor Profile?

Your profile is the homebase for your activities. Daily activities are the foundation of our happiness and well-being — they’re what makes us unique. Your profile is how the world interacts with you to stay connected and live better together.

It’s the best way to present all the amazing things you do and give others the opportunity to do them too.


What is an experience?

Events are our way of representing life’s moments. From your ongoing projects to everyday activities and curated experiences.

Create using the tools you need to bring any experience to life. Schedule for the world to see or for your own personal growth.

Share what you’re doing and provide a way for people to get more out of their day.

We’re SO excited to see all the amazing experiences you do on Mor.


What is a Public Event?

A public event is visible to anyone who has access to the event page. Anyone can join the event without needing an invitation or approval from the host. Examples of public events on Mor include:

  • A yoga class
  • A concert
  • An art class

How can I partner with Mor?

Partnering with Mor can help your business connect with new audiences and build stronger customer relationships. Here are some ways you can partner with Mor:

  • Share an activity on Mor that you're providing
  • Collaborate with other businesses and organizations to create unique and memorable experiences for your customers.
  • Leverage Mor's social features to connect with customers, facilitate motivation, and inspire an engaged community around your business.

By partnering with Mor, you can tap into the power of an accountable, experience-driven community and create meaningful connections with your customers.


How can I bring my audience over to Mor?

As a creator, you can use Mor to connect with your audience, share your experiences, and build a community around your brand. Here are some ways you can bring your audience over to Mor:

  • Create events on Mor that align with your brand and offer unique experiences for your audience.
  • Use Mor's social features to engage with your audience, share your story, and build a community around your brand.
  • Leverage Mor's promotional tools to reach new audiences and attract more followers.
  • Use Mor to showcase your values, passions, and interests to connect with like-minded individuals.

By bringing your audience over to Mor, you can build deeper connections with your followers and create new opportunities for growth and collaboration.


How does Mor work?

Mor works in three simple steps:

  1. Discover: Follow accounts and interests to discover events that match your preferences.
  2. Create: Add experiences to your calendar and create your own events to share with others.
  3. Connect and Grow: Engage with the community, complete activities, and grow as you explore new experiences.

By following these steps, you'll unlock your day's full potential and live your best life.


What goes on my profile?

Customize everything about your profile to truly represent the life of you or your organization.

Here are the elements of your profile:

  • Username: How people will discover and search for you.
  • Profile Picture: Upload a photo or choose a Mor avatar.
  • Bio: A little bit about you. Make it fun and inspire others.
  • Cover Picture: Express your style with a banner photo.
  • Interests: Share passions and desires to let people know what you’re about.

And then comes your public calendar! People can see what you have going on, the things you want to do, and what’s coming up in your life.


How do I create an event?

Creating events is effortless. All you need is a title and a time. The title explains what you’re doing, and the time describes when you’re doing it.

You can make events more unique with a description, location, meeting link, cover photo, duration, web links, and (soon!) price.

  • Locations are where events happen. To make it easy for people to get there, MorMor automatically embeds a map on the event page with one click to access directions.
  • Meeting Links allow you to embed the video calling tools you already trust into your event pages. With Zoom Meetings to Google Meet, your virtual gathering is seamless to setup.
  • Cover Photos make events visually captivating. Add your own, or select from millions on Unsplash.
  • Include a Duration on your event to suggest a length of time to complete it in. Durations can also be used to mark the end-time of an event when one is not provided.
  • Add as many links as you’d like to provide quick access to other apps or web pages.

Coming Soon!

  • Price allows you to get paid directly from your events. Give it a price and use your existing payment processing solutions like Cash App, Venmo, or Stripe.


What is an Invite-Only Event?

An invite-only event is an event where people must request to to join. The host can then accept or decline these requests. Invite-only events are useful for situations where the host wants to ensure that everyone who attends is familiar. Examples of invite-only events on Mor include:

  • A private dinner party with close friends.
  • A small workshop or seminar with a limited number of spots.
  • A book club where the host wants to ensure that all attendees have read the book.

What do you need to do?

Do nothing new, but get so much more. Mor automatically makes your content and classes purchasable to people through their personal, daily calendars. Guides like you keep doing their thing – creating great content and classes – while Mor works behind the scenes to make it schedulable through our calendar. Let's empower people to take back their time – together.

How and when can I get access to Mor?

Mor is currently in private beta. Join the waitlist today and we'll invite you to become a tester soon.


Which of my events are displayed on my profile?

Don’t worry! You have total control over who sees what on your schedule. Adjust the visibility of scheduled activities using the privacy menu on their respective event pages.

When participating in an event, you can modify who can see you doing it.

  • Just you and the hosts
  • Only you and other participants
  • Public to everyone

Event visibility is always subject to the host’s event access setting.


Can an experience be updated after it’s been created?

Yes! You can always go back and make changes to your event after it was originally created. Creators can find the edit button within the Host section of every event page.


What is a Private Event?

A private event is an event that is only accessible to the host and other designated hosts. The event is not visible to anyone else on Mor, and no one can join the event without an invitation from the host. Private events are useful for situations where the host wants to keep the event exclusive or intimate. Examples of private events on Mor include:

  • A family gathering or reunion.
  • A business meeting or conference call.
  • A personal development session with a coach or therapist.

Does it cost you anything?

Guides who apply and join us in Season One (Spring & Summer '21) get the greatest returns for life at NO cost whatsoever.

How are experiences scheduled?

Being able to get things on the board for the day has never been easier. Schedule to the specific time you have in mind, or simply pin it to your morning, afternoon, or evening.


What does it mean for an event to be Happening Now?

Happening Now puts your experience in focus. Events are active on your calendar for different spans of time depending on how you have them scheduled. Check out the key below to see how you can appropriately schedule your activities


Why schedule to morning, afternoon, or evening?

Our days flow freely, and flexible scheduling is perfect for representing that. Flexible events are a special space where your location in the world doesn’t matter. More people can experience these events together because there’s more time to do them.

When are flexible events active?

These activities will be accessible on the same day around the world.

  • Morning is from midnight (12am) to noon (12pm).
  • Afternoon is from noon to 6pm.
  • Evening is from 6pm to midnight.


Why choose a specific time?

If you have a particular time in mind for your event, just choose it. Your activity will be Happening Now between the start and end time of your activity. Not sure what time it’ll end? It’s perfectly fine to skip end-time.

How do events without an end-time work?

Events without an end-time are Happening Now for one hour from the start-time.

Including a duration? This will be used to determine the end-time when one is not provided.


How does Mor support timezones?

Multi-timezone support enables synchronicity for your experiences across the world. You’re able to adjust timezones on an event-by-event basis under the “Choose a time” tab. By default, the event will be scheduled based on your device’s timezone.

How will people in other timezones know when events are happening? View events based on where you are in the world. Never miss out on experiences important to you as we adjust the time that appears on your events using your local timezone.


Can an event be rescheduled?

It’s easy to change when you’re event is happening. From flexible to a set time, or vice versa — the only important thing is that you find a time to do it. Find the Reschedule button in the When section of every event page.


How do I share my event with people, and can I share my experiences outside of Mor?

You can easily share your event with others by copying a personalized invitation link and sharing it through your preferred communication channels, such as Messages, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. Your experiences can be accessed anywhere on the web by grabbing the invitation link on the event page. Just keep in mind that the level of detail visible to others will depend on the privacy settings you've chosen for the event.


How do I join an event?

Simply find the Join button floating at the bottom of every event page.

If an experience is public, anyone can join before it ends.

When an experience is invite-only, you can request access to be approved by the host.


Can someone join my event after it’s started?

No. An event is open to new participants up until when it starts. After it’s begun, people can no longer join.